Glamping Hut Reservations

Please see the update below for our new direction from 2021.

Please note that we are unable to respond to enquiries made by phone or fax.  Please check availability of our Glamping Huts on AirBnB by following the links below.

2022 Season Glamping Huts

Mussel Beach Private Cabin Getaways

Mussel Beach – Important Changes

Mussel Beach Wilderness Campground has changed its name to Mussel Beach Private Getaway. We no longer offer daily camping.

We offer 5 off-grid, daily rental Glamping huts for 2 through Airbnb, or Seasonal off-grid campsites (from May to September) for recreational use only.

If you are interested in a seasonal site you may email us directly at

Mussel Beach Private Getaway Glamping Huts

Mussel Beach Bear Den Glamping Hut

The Bear Den Glamping Hut

The Bear Den is a 10 X12 one level hut with a queen size bed and small dinette set of table and chairs. It has solar powered lights and propane heater for chilly days. It comes with a fully stocked outside kitchen and your own private, very clean outhouse. Your kitchen will come with drinking and wash water . The kitchen also comes with a cooler, freezer packs, camp stove, and BBQ plus all your other basic kitchen needs. Enjoy the view on a 8 x 10 covered deck or sleepy afternoons in a hammock. The Bear Den has an outside firepit so you can have cozy romantic evenings around the campfire. You will also have free access to the campground cedar showers.

Mussel Beach Bear Den Glamping Hut

The Eagle's Nest Glamping Hut

Enjoy the best of the west coast in the Eagles Nest, a remote off-grid private oceanfront hut with an outside kitchen, and your own, very clean and private outhouse. The Eagles Nest sits at the end of Mussel Beach wilderness Campground on it own large private site. Enjoy the view and sounds of the ocean from the large deck. Explore the private beach full of tidal pools. The entire hut is run on solar and propane giving you the total off-grid experience. Turn a place to stay into an experience that will be remembered. The Eagle’s Nest Glamping Cabin has the same layout and amenities as the Bear Den.

Mussel Beach Bear Den Glamping Hut

The Sea Shack Glamping Hut

The Sea Shack is a 8 x 12 hut with a queen size bed in a crawl-up loft. Downstairs has a double futon for those who don’t feel comfortable climbing a ladder up into the loft. The Sea Shack has the same full range of amenities that our other Glamping Cabins have including the kitchen with a cooler, freezer packs, camp stove and BBQ. The partially covered deck is perfect for enjoying the view and the ocean. Spend cozy evenings around the campfire watching the sunset from your own private piece of beach.

Mussel Beach Private Getaway Mini Glamping Huts

The Sea Glass Glamping Hut at Mussel Beach Private Getaway

The Sea Glass Glamping Hut

The Sea Glass has everything you need for a remote, off-grid camping trip with beach access and views out over the Pacific Ocean. Inside the hut, you will have a cozy double bed, 5-day cooler and garbage can. The hut comes with a nice deck and covered outside kitchen. Next to the deck is an area with a picnic table, fire pit and hammock. The hut does have solar lights but no power.  Our Bedding is supplied by Quilts Etc.

The Driftwood Glamping Hut at Mussel Beach Private Getaway

The Driftwood Glamping Hut

The Driftwood glamping hut has a crawl up loft with a double sized mattress. The lower area has a built-in couch for sitting and TV trays if the weather is bad and you want to eat inside. Also inside you will have a 5-day cooler and garbage can. The hut comes with a nice deck and covered outside kitchen. Next to the deck is an area with a picnic table, fire pit and hammock. The hut does have solar lights but no power. Our Bedding is supplied by Quilts Etc.

Mussel Beach Glamping Hut Rules & Regulations

We have a few rules to ensure that everyone enjoys their camping / glamping experience at Mussel Beach.  Thank you for your co-operation.

1. All people using the property do so at their own risk.  The property owners and managers accept no responsibility for vehicles or property brought into the property.

2. Please let us know of any guests via text before arrival (no drop-ins).  Visitors must leave by 10pm.  If we have had complaints against any of your guests, we reserve the right to refuse entry to the property.  You are responsible for your guest and making sure they know the rules.

3. The speed limit is 5 km/h.  Mussel Beach is a free-range kid zone.  Please use caution when driving through the property.  Speeding or dangerous driving could result in an eviction.

4. Please respect your neighbours.  Quiet time is 10pm.  No loud music or foul language at any time ~ soft fireside singing is permitted.

5. We no longer allow pets.

6. Firewood must be burnt in fire rings or rock ring only.  Firewood is for sale at the office, or you may bring your own.  Do not cut or limb trees anywhere on the property.  You may burn paper garbage in your fire.  No chain sawing is permitted.  Fires must be extinguished if left unattended.

7. Please do not take any glass containers/bottles to the beach.  We prefer you bring cans or plastics bottles.

8. Due to the wildlife in the area, we are unable to store garbage.  All garbage must be taken with you on departure.  A clean up fee will be charged if your campsite requires additional cleaning after you have left.

9. Our pit toilets are regularly pumped out.  Do not place any garbage, diapers, bottles, or cans down toilets.

10. All food, coolers, containers & garbage must be kept in your vehicle or glamping hut (not in outside kitchens).  Black bears are present in and around the property.  Please do not feed the bears or leave food in your campsite or on decks that they might take.  Any food, coolers or containers of any kind left unattended will be confiscated.  Campsites must be kept clean and tidy at all times.

11. Our gate is to be kept closed at all times.  Please scramble lock numbers after closing the padlock and reset numbers to 0000.

12. Please text us when you check out and leave the key in the door or inside the hut.  Please make sure your campfire is extinguished.

14. Federal and BC Park rules apply on beachfront areas.

Mussel Beach management and staff have full authority to enforce these rules and regulations.

Failure to follow any of these rules may result with you and your group being evicted without a refund.