Campground Rules

We have a few rules to ensure that all our campers have a safe and enjoyable stay at Mussel Beach.

Copies are available from the Campground Office at check-in.

Mussel Beach Private Getaway Rules (Seasonal Camping)

1. All people using the property do so at their own risk.  The property owners and managers accept no responsibility for vehicles or property brought into the property.

2. The maximum number of people per seasonal campsite is 6 or 1 household.  Two vehicles per site, $5 parking for ay extra vehicles per day (this does not include ATVs).

3. Please let us know of any guests via text before arrival (no drop-ins).  Visitors must leave by 10pm if not staying overnight.  If we have had complaints against any of your guests, we reserve the right to refuse entry to the property.  You are responsible for your guest and making sure they know the rules.

4. The speed limit is 5 km/h.  Mussel Beach is a free-range kid zone.  Please use caution when driving through the property.  Speeding or dangerous driving could result in an eviction.

5. Please respect your neighbours.  Quiet time is 10pm.  No loud music or foul language at any time ~ soft fireside singing is permitted.  When running your (inverter generators only), please respect your neighbours.

6. We no longer allow dogs except for our long-term campers.  All dogs must be kept on a leash.

7. Firewood must be burnt in fire rings or rock ring only.  Firewood is for sale at the office, or you may bring your own.  Do not cut or limb trees anywhere on the property.  No chain sawing is permitted.

8. Please do not take any glass containers/bottles to the beach.  We prefer you bring cans or plastics bottles.

9. Due to the wildlife in the area, we are unable to store garbage.  All garbage must be taken with you on departure.  A clean up fee will be charged if your campsite requires additional cleaning after you have left.

10. Our pit toilets are regularly pumped out.  Do not place any garbage, diapers, bottles, or cans down toilets.

11. All food, coolers, containers & garbage must be kept in your vehicle, glamping hut, locked food cache or RV.  All freezers or fridges must be in a secured building or RV.  Black bears are present in and around the property.  Please do not feed the bears or leave food in your campsite or on decks that they might take.  Any food or coolers left unattended will be confiscated.  This also includes pet food and pet dishes.  Campsites must be kept clean and tidy at all times.

12. Our gate is to be kept closed at all times.  Please scramble lock numbers after closing the padlock.

13. The lot holder is responsible to make sure everyone on their site knows the rules and abides by them.

14. Federal and BC Park rules apply on beachfront areas.

MUSSEL Beach management and staff have full authority to enforce these rules and regulations.

Failure to follow any of these rules may result with you and your group being evicted without a refund.

Be Bear Aware

Mussel Beach is in the wilderness where sightings of black bears, wolves and eagles are not uncommon.

To avoid habituating these wild animals to humans, please follow a few simple few simple rules.

Mussel Beach is in Black Bear Country


Keep your campsite clean and free of garbage.  Bears have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and can smell food from over a kilometer away.


Lock coolers and food in your vehicle.


Do not keep your food in your tent or leave it unattended in your campsite.


Do not leave your food in the back of a truck, even if it has a canopy.


Clean barbeques after using them by burning off the grill entirely.